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Depakote Attorneys of Williams Kherkher Discuss Recent Study Regarding Epilepsy Surgery

The Depakote attorneys of Williams Kherkher discuss Depakote alternatives in an effort to help patients get the seizure relief they are seeking. Depakote is used to treat bipolar disorder, seizures, and depression, but has recent studies have linked the drug to serious side effects, especially for pregnant women. Individuals with epilepsy may have an opportunity to avoid these dangerous health complications and still put an end to their seizures.

A recent study at the University College London has alerted medical researchers that 82% of people that undergo surgery for epilepsy may not experience a seizure for up to one year. 47% of this population was also free of seizures for up to 10 years.

Surgical options will also not affect women who may become pregnant. Women who take Depakote during the first three months of their pregnancy may put the child at risk of life-long health problems and neurological complications. Many children of mothers that consumed Depakote while pregnant are born with cognitive and physical impairments.

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