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Mother undergoes procedure to treat spina bifida of unborn baby

A pregnant mother in the United Kingdom underwent a high risk surgical procedure to treat her unborn daughter’s spina bifida. According to reports, Gina Lavis was nearly 20 weeks pregnant when she learned that her baby had spina bifida. While aborting the baby is the choice of many women in this situation, Lavis decided to undergo […]

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Child endured 20 surgeries to correct congenital defects

A boy who was born with spina bifida and clubfoot continues to thrive after undergoing 20 surgeries to treat the congenital defect, Fox News reported on July 13. Reports said 9-year-old Tyler Bois initially underwent six surgeries at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, starting when he was one day old. At the age of three, […]

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Correlation found between spina bifida and folic acid intake

A professor in Ireland recently stated that approximately 40 babies a year would be protected from spina bifida if women take folic acid before conceiving, the Irish Times reported on June 26. UCD Professor Michael Turner recently told health officials in Oireachtas that spina bifida prevention through folic acid supplement would also save costs, as treatment of this […]

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7K people with spina bifida in NJ affected by reduced funding

Over 7,000 individuals with spina bifida in Flemington who rely on a state-funded organization are at risk of having their benefits reduced, My Central Jersey reported on June 14. Starting next month, the Spina Bifida Resource Network (SBRN) funding with the state will be terminated. SBRN has been providing spina bifida patients with specialized services for over […]

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Engineered crops may be designed to reduce risks of spina bifida

Science Daily reported on April 28 that incidents of spina bifida and other congenital defects may be decreased through the ingestion of food crops that are specifically genetically modified to increase folate, or vitamin B9. According to the recent study, rice plants that are fortified with a gene to provide more folate may decrease instances of birth defects that […]

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Baby with spina bifida in UK treated inside the womb

A baby girl in the UK diagnosed with spina bifida underwent a new corrective surgical procedure while inside the womb, an article on Mail Online stated November 17. Reports said Gina Beddoe was notified during her 20th week of pregnancy that her baby Frankie Lavis had a serious case of spina bifida, the congenital defect […]

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Texas hospital successfully treated spina bifida in-utero

Surgeons from Texas Children’s hospital and Baylor College of Medicine successfully repaired a spina bifida defect before the infant was born, Becker’s Orthopedic and Spine reported on September 5. Texas Children’s Hospital Fetal Center reportedly is one of the few hospitals capable of fetal surgery performed in-utero to treat spina bifida. According to reports, the less intrusive procedure is […]

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Spina bifida can be treated through intrauterine surgery

A technique pioneered in 1997 gives families the option of undergoing corrective spina bifida surgery while their child is still in the womb. According to Doctor Neil Mandsager, certain unborn babies diagnosed with spina bifida could qualify to be treated through intrauterine surgery. Spina bifida may cause leg paralysis, bladder and bowel problems, orthopedic malformations, […]

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Health officials baffled over increasing number of babies born with anencephaly

Health officials in Washington are trying to figure out what has been the cause of an increasing number of babies born with neural tube defects, like anencephaly and spina bifida, CNN reported on March 1. According to reports, epidemiologists who looked into the medical records of three county hospitals found that from January 2010 to […]

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The classifications of spina bifida

Spina bifida, which is the birth defect where the spinal cord, brain, or the meninges are under developed, does not come in one simple form. In fact, this birth defect has several different classifications. The mildest form of spina bifida, which can go unnoticed, is called “occulta” and has no visible sign of protrusion in […]

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