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Children born with congenital defects likely to experience abuse

Researchers at the University of Texas recently discovered evidence that children are at higher risk of experiencing abuse if they are born with congenital defects like spina bifida or cleft lip/palate. The University of Texas Health Science Center revealed that children who are born with spina bifida are 58% more likely to face abuse than […]

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Serious Depakote side effects that may require immediate medical attention

Patients who are taking Depakote to treat epilepsy or bipolar disorder are advised to notify their physicians if they believe that they are suffering from the following serious symptoms linked to the anti-seizure drug. Presence of blood in urine or unusual decrease in frequency of urination Any bleeding symptoms, such as getting bruised easily Skin […]

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Understanding Apert Syndrome

Apert syndrome is a condition in which babies’ skulls form prematurely in the womb, causing the brain to develop irregularly and resulting in a number of medical issues. Babies who are born with this congenital defect often have unusual facial features caused by the skull placing unusual pressure on the features as they develop. Babies who […]

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Follow up treatments after undergoing corrective cleft surgery

Individuals who underwent surgery to correct their cleft palate may be required to undergo follow up surgery operations or treatments–especially those patients who are prone to ear or nose infections. The following are reasons a person may need additional surgery or treatment: Children may be required to undergo another surgery as they grow Patients may need to […]

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Problems after craniostenosis surgery treatment

Undergoing surgical procedure to decrease head pressure and to possibly correct facial deformity is the goal of craniostenosis treatment. However, children undergoing such surgery procedures are at risk of suffering from the following problems after treatment. Headaches Vomiting Fatigue High fever of more than 101 F Alertness problems Complications in surgery areas Irritability The aforementioned problems […]

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Treatment options available for patients with cognitive impairments

Since there is no precise medical procedure available for individuals suffering from cognitive impairments, a wide array of medications and therapies can be given to patients to treat the underlying complications of this intellectual disability. Doctors may prescribe medications to children and adult patients. Cognitive impairment patients may need to undergo series of therapy sessions if they if they […]

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Typical symptoms of children with cognitive impairment

Children who are born with impaired cognitive development may experience difficulty while growing up due to varying symptoms that affect brain function. Below are the following symptoms of cognitive impairment. Metabolism problems such as abdominal pains, breathing difficulties, and anxiety Infection symptoms, including headaches, fever, and weakened muscles Other symptoms like eye problems, seizures, mood swings […]

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Inmate blames Depakote dosage for his injuries

A Solano State Prison inmate reportedly filed a lawsuit claiming the injuries he sustained in 2010 were the result of taking anti-seizure drug Depakote, the Daily Republic reported on March 8. According to the lawsuit filed by 50-year-old Eric Robinson, he fell out of his bed on November 26, 2010 after having nightmares that were caused by […]

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Washington health officials investigating anencephaly increase

Health officials in Washington State recently have started probing the possible factors that contribute to the babies being born with anencephaly, the Seattle Times reported on February 15. According to reports, state health officials started gathering information on January 1 from 10 women whose babies were born with anencephaly, in which some of their skull and brain parts […]

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Other names for Depakote

Depakote, or the oral medicine prescribed to people suffering from epileptic seizures, migraines, and some mental disorders, also comes in several generic versions with the same active ingredient of divalproex sodium. These include the following: • Depacon • Depakote Extended Release (ER) • Divalproex Sodium • Valproic Acid • Depakene Patients, especially women who are […]

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