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Medical complications linked to craniostenosis

Medical studies have shown a link between the use of Depakote during pregnancy and infants born with craniostenosis. For individuals or families who may be dealing with this disorder, it is important to understand the medical complications that can be linked to craniosynostosis. The condition itself is characterized by joints in an infant skull closing too […]

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Children born with congenital defects likely to experience abuse

Researchers at the University of Texas recently discovered evidence that children are at higher risk of experiencing abuse if they are born with congenital defects like spina bifida or cleft lip/palate. The University of Texas Health Science Center revealed that children who are born with spina bifida are 58% more likely to face abuse than […]

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New technology easily scans scoliosis patients’ spine

Some orthopedic experts in Texas are now utilizing an advanced technology to easily gain an accurate impression of the spines of their patients who have undergone scoliosis surgery, reported on September 24. Compared to the conventional x-ray procedures, the new scanner only need about 20 seconds for doctors to have “extremely clear” three-dimensional images […]

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NFL player’s wife expecting to give birth to baby with anencephaly

Professional football player Evan Rodriguez and his wife recently found out that their unborn baby is afflicted with anencephaly defect. The expecting couple found out about the often fatal congenital defect of their first baby after a diagnosis during Olivia’s 15th week of pregnancy. The couple then learned that the baby has a very low […]

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Treatment options available for patients with cognitive impairments

Since there is no precise medical procedure available for individuals suffering from cognitive impairments, a wide array of medications and therapies can be given to patients to treat the underlying complications of this intellectual disability. Doctors may prescribe medications to children and adult patients. Cognitive impairment patients may need to undergo series of therapy sessions if they if they […]

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Washington health officials investigating anencephaly increase

Health officials in Washington State recently have started probing the possible factors that contribute to the babies being born with anencephaly, the Seattle Times reported on February 15. According to reports, state health officials started gathering information on January 1 from 10 women whose babies were born with anencephaly, in which some of their skull and brain parts […]

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How syndactyly is corrected?

Syndactyly, the birth defect where some of the fingers of the hand or foot are fused, depending on the severity, can best be corrected through a surgical procedure. The objective of the surgery is to separate the fused fingers so they function independently. A baby with syndactyly may undergo surgery to correct the defect generally […]

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What is syndactyly?

Syndactyly, commonly known as “webbing,” is a congenital defect in which some of the fingers of hands or feet are abnormally joined together. After birth, syndactyly is easily detected during a health exam of the baby. The congenital defect affects at least one in every 2,000 births, regardless of sex. In syndactyly, the fingers are joined together […]

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Washington health experts puzzled by increasing anencephaly cases

Health experts in Washington wanted to find out the cause of increasing cases of anencephaly in babies in certain counties, reported on May 14. In a public hearing held in Sunnydale on May 13, health experts studied the factors that may have caused the anencephaly increase. Shown in the data collected by the Washington Department of […]

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Depakote and Blue Baby Syndrome

Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) is a congenital heart defect that causes the heart to pump oxygen-deprived blood throughout the body. A cause for TOF has been linked to mothers who took the medication Depakote during pregnancy. Depakote is prescribed to treat epilepsy, mood disorders, and severe headaches. Colloquially, TOF is referred to as “blue baby […]

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