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New technology easily scans scoliosis patients’ spine

Some orthopedic experts in Texas are now utilizing an advanced technology to easily gain an accurate impression of the spines of their patients who have undergone scoliosis surgery, reported on September 24.

Compared to the conventional x-ray procedures, the new scanner only need about 20 seconds for doctors to have “extremely clear” three-dimensional images of their patients’ spines after undergoing surgery. Aside from extreme accuracy, scoliosis patients are not exposed to too much radiation from the new scanner. Scoliosis patients are at risk of illnesses from being exposed to radiation with traditional x-rays. Texas orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Mark Rahm, explained that every bone is scanned using the new technology, unlike conventional x-rays. The new scanner is currently available in an estimated 25 hospitals.

Though this advanced technology is beneficial for scoliosis patients, undergoing surgical repair and its continuous treatment is often expensive. However, the lawyers at Williams Hart may possibly help you get treatment funds if Depakote medication taken by pregnant mothers caused your loved one’s scoliosis. Learn more about your legal options from us today by calling 800-761-3187.

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NFL player’s wife expecting to give birth to baby with anencephaly

Professional football player Evan Rodriguez and his wife recently found out that their unborn baby is afflicted with anencephaly defect.

The expecting couple found out about the often fatal congenital defect of their first baby after a diagnosis during Olivia’s 15th week of pregnancy. The couple then learned that the baby has a very low chance of surviving and was initially given an option by their doctor to terminate the baby. However, the couple decided to proceed with Olivia’s pregnancy that is due this coming December after getting a second opinion. The couple currently is working together to create awareness regarding anencephaly and they are planning to help Duke University raise funds to study the birth defect.

If your baby is diagnosed with anencephaly as a result of the mother taking Depakote before or during pregnancy, getting the help of a lawyer in your case is crucial. Learn more about your legal options from the attorneys of Williams Hart today by calling 800-761-3187.

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Toddler with Tetralogy of Fallot underwent two critical surgeries

A little girl born with a congenital heart defent, Tertralogy of Fallot, has endured several procedures including two open-heart operations, an article from News 10 reported.

When Sophia Walsh, 6, was born, she was immediately admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital for her first open-heart operation. At six months old, Sophia underwent another critical surgery. Currently, Sophia is showing signs of improvement – she is able to smile, play with her toys, and touch her toes, which she could not do prior to the operations. Though Sophia is improving, she is deaf and is receiving her food through a tube. Half of her body is afflicted with palsy. According to the National Institutes of Health, Tertralogy of Fallot affects an average of five out of every 10,000 newborn babies.

Sadly, families whose loved ones have Tetralogy of Fallot often have to deal with financial loss due to expensive treatments needed for recovery. However, if your loved one’s birth defect is caused by a mother’s use of Depakote during pregnancy, the legal team of Williams Hart may work on your behalf. Find out how we can possibly help you get financial assistance for treatment today by calling 800-761-3187.     

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Follow up treatments after undergoing corrective cleft surgery

Individuals who underwent surgery to correct their cleft palate may be required to undergo follow up surgery operations or treatments–especially those patients who are prone to ear or nose infections. The following are reasons a person may need additional surgery or treatment:

  • Children may be required to undergo another surgery as they grow
  • Patients may need to have elastic braces to maintain the alignment of their jawbone after surgery
  • Bone grafts may be needed around the age of 10
  • Cosmetic surgery may be needed after reconstructive surgery
  • Regular orthodontic and dental checkups will likely be needed

Some cleft palate patients may need to undergo one or several of these procedures after initial surgery, depending on the severity of their congenital defect.

The pharmaceutical lawyers of Williams Hart understand that surgery and follow up treatments for cleft palate patients are often expensive, leaving many families suffering from great financial losses. If you believe your loved one’s cleft lip or palate occurred because the mother took Depakote during pregnancy, you may be able to seek financial compensation for all expenses related to this condition. Discuss your situation with us today by calling 800-761-3187.

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Magnetic rod reduces surgery for child scoliosis patients

An estimated 100,000 children with scoliosis across the United States are expected to benefit from a new device approved last year by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to reduce scoliosis operations, Fox News reported on July 22.

Scoliosis patient, 6-year-old Stanley Wesemeyer, underwent a surgery procedure to install a magnetic rod in his spine that can be adjusted through a remote control. This magnetic rod, a product called Magec, allows for adjustments in growth. Whereas before Stanley was required to have another surgery every six months, now the remote control magnetic rod technology allows him to avoid constant surgery and only takes 15 minutes to adjust.

Many children with scoliosis unfortunately have to undergo dozens of surgeries to treat the abnormal curvature of their backs, and many families struggle to afford advanced treatments. However, if you believe that your loved one’s scoliosis was caused by a pregnant mother’s use of Depakote, a skilled pharmaceutical legal team may work for you. Call the attorneys of Williams Hart today at 800-761-3187 to find out how we may help you win financial compensation from negligent drug makers.

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Child endured 20 surgeries to correct congenital defects

A boy who was born with spina bifida and clubfoot continues to thrive after undergoing 20 surgeries to treat the congenital defect, Fox News reported on July 13.

Reports said 9-year-old Tyler Bois initially underwent six surgeries at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, starting when he was one day old. At the age of three, Tyler underwent three surgical procedures to improve his airway, so he could breathe on his own. As Tyler continued to improve, he underwent another set of orthopedic surgery procedures to treat his clubfoot. The boy is currently hoping to walk easier with the aid of crutches and braces.

Treating congenital defects like spina bifida and clubfoot is expensive, leaving many families struggling with great financial losses. However, if you believe that your loved one’s congenital defects were caused by Depakote use during pregnancy, the lawyers of Williams Hart may help you pursue full financial compensation from negligent drug makers. Find out how we may help you pursue treatment funds from those responsible by calling 800-761-3187 today.

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Correlation found between spina bifida and folic acid intake

A professor in Ireland recently stated that approximately 40 babies a year would be protected from spina bifida if women take folic acid before conceiving, the Irish Times reported on June 26.

UCD Professor Michael Turner recently told health officials in Oireachtas that spina bifida prevention through folic acid supplement would also save costs, as treatment of this condition throughout one’s life is continual and expensive. A study in Ireland revealed that cases of neural tube defects in babies have increased, while folic acid intake by women had decreased as a whole.

The pharmaceutical legal team of Williams Hart believes that many babies are born with spina bifida defects in the U.S. as a result of their mothers taking Depakote medicine during pregnancy. If you think this happened to a loved one, we may help you file a claim against the negligent drug makers in pursuit of financial compensation that will cover past and future expenses. Find out how we may work for you today by calling 800-761-3187.

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7K people with spina bifida in NJ affected by reduced funding

Over 7,000 individuals with spina bifida in Flemington who rely on a state-funded organization are at risk of having their benefits reduced, My Central Jersey reported on June 14.

Starting next month, the Spina Bifida Resource Network (SBRN) funding with the state will be terminated. SBRN has been providing spina bifida patients with specialized services for over 30 years. A volunteer for SBRN who also has spina bifida, Christina Knorr, stressed the importance of the organization in helping people cope with their condition. Part of the contract revocation from the state, spina bifida patients aged 18 and below will not be covered by SBRN.

Families unfortunately have to deal with financial difficulty if their loved one has spina bifida. However, if your loved one’s congenital defect has been caused by the use of Depakote during pregnancy, the skilled lawyers of Williams Hart may help you pursue compensation from the parties responsible. Call our office today at 800-761-3187 to learn more about your legal options.

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$23M awarded to Minnesota girl injured by Depakote

At least $23 million in punitive damages was recently awarded to a girl who was born with birth defects after her mother took Depakote during pregnancy, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on May 28.

The jury in St. Louis Circuit Court ruled that Maddison Schmidt was injured by her mother’s use of Depakote during pregnancy. Maddison, now 12, was born with spina bifida, a congenital defect linked to mothers’ use of Depakote during pregnancy. The child, who was represented by the legal team at Williams Hart, will also get compensatory damages totaling $15 million. AbbVie Inc., the pharmaceutical company deemed financially accountable in this case, said they are appealing the verdict.

If you think that you or a loved one has been injured after using Depakote, the legal team of Williams Hart may represent you. Our dedicated lawyers believe that Depakote victims should receive fair compensation after sustaining injury from a defective pharmaceutical drug. Find out how we may work for you today by calling 800-761-3187.

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Treating craniostenosis by wearing a specialized helmet

Babies who are diagnosed with craniofacial defects like craniostenosis before 1 years old may wear cranial remolding helmets for their heads to achieve a natural look, according to the Johns Hopkins Medicine website.

Cranial orthosis, often called “helmet molding therapy,” is a kind of therapy where babies with craniostenosis wear a specialized helmet for 23 hours a day. The remolding helmets deliberately apply pressure to babies’ heads to achieve growth into its natural shape. As babies grow, the remolding helmets they wear are likewise adjusted. Though the remolding helmet is worn all day, parents should know that the helmets are comfortable to wear and the therapy usually lasts up to three months, depending on the severity. Parents whose babies wear remolding helmets may have to visit their helmet providers regularly.

Treating craniostenosis through helmet remodeling therapy can be expensive depending on the baby’s condition. If you suspect that your loved one’s craniostenosis is a result of a mother’s Depakote treatment during pregnancy, you may possibly get financial assistance for treatment. Call the lawyers of Williams Hart today at 800-761-3187 to learn more about your options.

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