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Magnetic rod reduces surgery for child scoliosis patients

An estimated 100,000 children with scoliosis across the United States are expected to benefit from a new device approved last year by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to reduce scoliosis operations, Fox News reported on July 22. Scoliosis patient, 6-year-old Stanley Wesemeyer, underwent a surgery procedure to install a magnetic rod in his spine that […]

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App and device launched to detect scoliosis

A smart phone application and a device were recently launched to help health professionals or anyone else detect scoliosis as early as possible, an article by the National Scoliosis Foundation stated on January 30. Developed by SPINOLOGICS, “Scolioscreen device” and the “Scolioscreen App” are the new tools that can identify and monitor the spinal curvature of patients. People […]

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Acute scoliosis linked to uncommon gene mutation

A group of St. Louis scientists recently suggested that an uncommon gene mutation increases the risk of children developing scoliosis, Science World Report stated on June 14. Washington University School of Medicine researchers successfully identified fibrilin 1 and 2 mutated genes as a risk factor for severe cases of scoliosis in young people. The researchers claimed […]

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Data shows scoliosis surgery is effective

A recent study found that treating scoliosis through surgery is worth considering compared to non-surgical options, Becker’s Spine Review reported on March 12. After surveying scoliosis patients’ articles in MEDLINE and PubMed, researchers studied their quality of life after being treated. Reports showed that adult patients who had surgery to correct the curvature of their […]

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Options for treating scoliosis

When a person has scoliosis, he or she may require treatment to fix the physical problem. The method of treatment will vary depending on the severity of the curvature of the spinal cord. Observations, physical examinations, and X-rays with low radiation are done on most adolescents who have scoliosis with no definite cause. A doctor […]

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Complications of severe scoliosis

Scoliosis, or the medical condition where the backbone of a person is curved to either side, may result in serious complications if not properly treated. Aside from the crooked physical appearance of the body, which can lower a person’s self esteem, scoliosis may cause chronic back pain if not treated. Difficulty in breathing and heart […]

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