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Genetic testing may be best way to prescribe antidepressants

A genetic test being offered may shed light on which antidepressants will work best for people who suffer from severe depression. When a person is seeking treatment for this, a psychiatrist usually prescribes two or three medications before finding one that works, with the least amount of side effects,  for the patient. The test, GeneSightRx […]

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FDA: Doctors should warn patients before prescribing Depakote

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a statement that they are urging doctors and physicians to make sure all of the benefits and risks of Depakote have been measured before they prescribe the drug to women of childbearing age. Deapakote is an anticonvulsion medication that is commonly prescribed to those suffering from epilepsy, seizures, […]

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Depakote side effect: Congenital hip dislocation

Congenital hip dislocation is a birth defect that usually affects the left hip in girls, first born babies or babies that are in the breech position. The issue occurs when the child’s hip is not fit securely into the socket of the hip joint. It may be loose in the socket or completely out of […]

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Craniofacial defects may be caused by Depakote

Craniofacial birth defects have been linked to the use of the anti-epileptic medication, Depakote, during pregnancy. There are four main type of cranifacial defects that can occur, but some of these are more common than others. The first type of defect is the cleft palate and this occurs when the bones on the roof of […]

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Twenty-six women file Depakote lawsuit

According to a recent lawsuit that has been filed, an anti-convulsant ingested by pregnant woman, Depakote, has allegedly caused severe birth defects on their babies. The lead plaintiff and 25 other woman filed the lawsuit on Jan. 18 against the makers of Depakote, Abott Laboratories. In December, nearly two dozen woman were involved in a […]

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