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Clubfoot research to be done with grant from Ronald McDonald

A grant from Ronald McDonald House Charities will help researchers educate and spread the word about club foot treatments. The grant was given to Ponsetti International Association of the University of Iowa last week and it will provide a $302,400 grant for two years in order to support fellowships to developing countries so that they […]

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Treatment and complications of facial dysmorphisms

Facial dysmorphism is a birth defect that occurs from there is a malformation with the child’s facial bones. These malformations can include multiple different things such as cleft lip and palate, asymmetry issues, and ear malformations. These dysmorphisms have been linked to the use of pharmaceutical drugs during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. When […]

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Anti-seizure drug launched by Mylan Pharmaceuticals

A new antiseizure medication has been released by Mylan Pharmaceuticals. The new generic medication will be prescribed to people with epilepsy in order to prevent seizures from occurring. The pharmaceutical company has begun to market the medication, which comes in the form of an injection, now that it has been approved by the FDA. The […]

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Study looks into alternative treatment for bipolar disorder

A study was just done in order to look into deep brain stimulation as a treatment for bipolar disorder. This type of treatment is already used in order to treat general depression, but the new study shows evidence that it may not only help depression when it is happening, but it may prevent it from […]

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Epilepsy: Symptoms and causes

Epilepsy is a disease that affects the central nervous system (CNS) and causes episodes, or seizures, that occur when there is an too much electrical activity in the brain. This extra amount of electrical activity may cause a person to lose consciousness and move abnormally, also known as a seizure. There are multiple different types […]

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FDA discusses 10 drugs linked to birth defects

The Food and Drug Administration has madeĀ  list of 10 different medications that have recently been linked to birth defects when they are taken during pregnancy. Each medication is in different stages of research and testing, but links have been made between them and a potential danger to babies. Many of the antidepressants on the […]

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Three treatment options for club foot

Club foot is a birth defect that occurs when the foot does not develop normally in the womb. Recently, the use of Depakote during pregnancy has been linked to the development of birth defects such as club foot. Although this may not be a fatal birth defect, it can cause mobility issues for children and […]

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How to treat Spina Bifida

In the U.S., there are nearly 1,500 babies born with Spina Bifida each year. The defect occurs in the womb when backbone does not completely close because the spinal cord prevents this from happening. When children are born this, treatment options need to be explored because the condition can seriously affect their way of life. […]

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