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Abbott labs may pay at least $1.3 billion in Depakote marketing suit

Abbott Laboratories will be paying at least $1.3 billion in order to settle a lawsuit over the alleged illegal marketing of the antisiezure medication, Depakote. The suit was filed by the U.S. government and 24 states after claiming that the drug was illegally marketed by the company in order to be prescribed for unapproved uses. […]

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Depakote lawsuit names Abbott Laboratories as defendant

Belleville mother blames antiseizure medication, Depakote, for daughter’s birth defect because she was prescribed the medication during pregnancy. A lawsuit was filed on October 17 and claims that Abbott Laboratories is liable for the daughter’s spine bifida because they knew of the dangerous risks and did not warn patients or physicians. The drug has been […]

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Abbott Laboratories plans to split company, settle Depakote suits

Abbott Laboratories, the manufacturer of Depakote, has announced that they will be splitting up into two different companies. One of them will be selling prescription drugs and the other will focus on other things such as medical devices and baby formula. Experts have said that the logic behind the split it because the non-drug business […]

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Birth defects still causing lawsuits to be filed over Depakote use

The Food and Drug Administration has issued an alert on Oct. 3 that stated that woman who suffer from Bipolar disorder and have taken Depakote during their first trimester of pregnancy have a 1 in 20 chance of their child developing a birth defect. Officials with the FDA have said that women should only use […]

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Spina Bifida Awareness month takes place nationwide

The month of October represents National Spina Bifida Awareness Month in order to raise awareness for the birth defect that affects nearly 166,000 Americans. Although treatment for the birth defect has come a long way in order to create more possibilities for those who are affected by it, much more needs to be learned about […]

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Spina Bifida Awareness celebrated in October

October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month across the nation and the goal is to raise awareness of Spina Bifida by educating others about the disorder. ThisĀ  month is also a way to celebrate the lives of those that suffer from it. Spina bifida is birth defect that affects the brain and spine and the cause […]

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Women with healthy diets have lower risk of children having birth defect

Women who have healthy diets during their child bearing years have a lower risk of their children developing birth defects, according to a new study. Women who have diets that are high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are half as likely to have children with birth defects than women who have diets that have […]

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Yale study discusses depression during pregnancy

Professors from the School of Medicine at Yale University have been studying depression during pregnancy and will now release their findings in the November journal of Epidemiology. The study followed 778 pregnant women who have struggled with depression and independently decided whether or not they would take antidepressant medication during their pregnancy. The study found […]

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