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Risk of club hands linked to Depakote use

The use of Depakote during pregnancy has been linked to the increased risk of giving birth to a child with birth defects. These can include club hands and fingers, abnormal digits, aortic stenosis, spina bifida, and cleft lips and palates. All of these defects can result in extra care for children, pain and suffering, and […]

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Studies show Lithium more effective then Valporate for treating Bipolar Disorder

Two new studies have shown recently that Lithium is more effective than Valporate (Depakote) for treating Bipolar Disorder. Nearly 4,000 Danish people that suffer from Bipolar Disorder were involved in the study, and it was found that individuals who were taking Lithium were admitted to the hospital less and switched/added medication less. A researcher in […]

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Children’s cognitive development and Depakote use

When a woman becomes pregnant or is trying to become pregnant and they are taking anti-seizure medication, such as Depakote, it is important to speak to a doctor about your options. Multiple birth defects have been associated with the use of Depakote during pregnancy. The most recent warning from the FDA about the use of […]

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Studies show link from antidepressants and autism

Multiple studies and an FDA warning have shown a link between the use of antidepressants and anti-seizure medication while pregnant and autism. Although the studies have been published, the research is still in a very early phase. The FDA warned that valporate drugs such as Depakote may be linked to children scoring lower on cognitive […]

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Depakote and scoliosis

The use of the anti-seizure medication, Depakote, has recently been linked to multiple birth defects if mothers were prescribed the drug during pregnant. One birth defect is scoliosis, occurs when the individual’s spine is curved into a “C” or “S” shape. This defect is a long lasting medical condition that has three different types. One […]

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FDA continues to warn mothers about Depakote

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that certain drugs that are prescribed as antiepileptic medication or to prevent migraines may be causing intellectual inabilities in children if mothers take them during pregnancy. These drugs include those under the “valporate-products,” which include Depakote, Depakene, and Stavzor. A statement from the FDA says that children whose […]

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Study says increasing number of women take medications during pregnancy

The Consumer Justice Foundation recently announced that a new study found that the number of women taking both prescription and over-the-counter medications while pregnant continues to increase. The study, published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, combined information from 30,000 women in interview-based studies to come to their conclusions. ┬áResearchers from Harvard, Boston […]

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FDA warns that cognitive impairment may be caused by use of Depakote during pregnancy

The Food and Drug Administration has sent out a warning that the use of Depakote and other valproate-based drugs during pregnancy may increase the risk that their child will be born with impaired cognitive development. The FDA issued the new warning on June 30, 2011 after the FDA did a study on mothers who took […]

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