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The drug Depakote has been linked to many different birth defects, one of which is syndactyly. Syndactyly is a medical condition in which two or more digits are fused together. This can affect fingers or toes. Fortunately, it is a potentially treatable condition based on the severity of the fusion. Most surgeries to correct syndactyly are performed before the child reaches the age of 2 so that the child can still develop full use his or her separated digits.

The drug Depakote has been associated with increased incidences of syndactyly in infants as well as many other defects in an infant’s development. If you or someone you love took Depakote and had a baby born with fused fingers or toes, you may be entitled to financial compensation. To discuss your case with caring, knowledgeable, and skilled attorneys, contact the Depakote lawsuit attorneys at Williams Hart at 800-761-3187 today.

Characteristics of Syndactyly

To be a true syndactyly diagnosis, two or more fingers or toes must be fused together. However, there are two main types of syndactyly: simple vs. complex in addition to complete vs. incomplete. The characteristics of these types include:

  • Simple syndactyly – occurs when the adjoining digits are fused together by soft tissue
  • Complex syndactyly – happens when the bones of the adjacent fingers or toes are fused together
  • Complete syndactyly – affects a person when the skin completely covers the fused digits
  • Incomplete syndactyly – occurs when the skin is joined only partway to the tip of the fused digits.

Additionally, medical professionals can further classify this condition into five different subtypes depending on the location of the webbed digits.

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