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Inmate blames Depakote dosage for his injuries

A Solano State Prison inmate reportedly filed a lawsuit claiming the injuries he sustained in 2010 were the result of taking anti-seizure drug Depakote, the Daily Republic reported on March 8. According to the lawsuit filed by 50-year-old Eric Robinson, he fell out of his bed on November 26, 2010 after having nightmares that were caused by […]

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Phone application for scoliosis patients developed by former patient

An East Bay, California woman who recovered from scoliosis as a child developed a cell phone application (app) to help people with spinal problems manage their situation, KTVU News reported on January 16. According to 23-year-old Carol Tran, her severe scoliosis was detected when she was 11 years old. Tran reportedly needed a second operation after her first […]

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What is syndactyly?

Syndactyly, commonly known as “webbing,” is a congenital defect in which some of the fingers of hands or feet are abnormally joined together. After birth, syndactyly is easily detected during a health exam of the baby. The congenital defect affects at least one in every 2,000 births, regardless of sex. In syndactyly, the fingers are joined together […]

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Depakote and Blue Baby Syndrome

Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) is a congenital heart defect that causes the heart to pump oxygen-deprived blood throughout the body. A cause for TOF has been linked to mothers who took the medication Depakote during pregnancy. Depakote is prescribed to treat epilepsy, mood disorders, and severe headaches. Colloquially, TOF is referred to as “blue baby […]

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