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Mother undergoes procedure to treat spina bifida of unborn baby

A pregnant mother in the United Kingdom underwent a high risk surgical procedure to treat her unborn daughter’s spina bifida. According to reports, Gina Lavis was nearly 20 weeks pregnant when she learned that her baby had spina bifida. While aborting the baby is the choice of many women in this situation, Lavis decided to undergo […]

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Spina bifida can be treated through intrauterine surgery

A technique pioneered in 1997 gives families the option of undergoing corrective spina bifida surgery while their child is still in the womb. According to Doctor Neil Mandsager, certain unborn babies diagnosed with spina bifida could qualify to be treated through intrauterine surgery. Spina bifida may cause leg paralysis, bladder and bowel problems, orthopedic malformations, […]

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Spina bifida sufferers may be helped with pre-natal surgery

According to the Center of Disease Control, nearly 1,500 babies are born with Spina bifida each year and although there are some possible prevention methods, the cause of this condition is not known. Recently, researchers have been studying a pre-natal surgery that may be able to help babies that suffer from this life-long condition. According […]

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How to treat Spina Bifida

In the U.S., there are nearly 1,500 babies born with Spina Bifida each year. The defect occurs in the womb when backbone does not completely close because the spinal cord prevents this from happening. When children are born this, treatment options need to be explored because the condition can seriously affect their way of life. […]

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Depakote lawsuit names Abbott Laboratories as defendant

Belleville mother blames antiseizure medication, Depakote, for daughter’s birth defect because she was prescribed the medication during pregnancy. A lawsuit was filed on October 17 and claims that Abbott Laboratories is liable for the daughter’s spine bifida because they knew of the dangerous risks and did not warn patients or physicians. The drug has been […]

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Spina Bifida Awareness month takes place nationwide

The month of October represents National Spina Bifida Awareness Month in order to raise awareness for the birth defect that affects nearly 166,000 Americans. Although treatment for the birth defect has come a long way in order to create more possibilities for those who are affected by it, much more needs to be learned about […]

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Spina Bifida Awareness celebrated in October

October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month across the nation and the goal is to raise awareness of Spina Bifida by educating others about the disorder. This  month is also a way to celebrate the lives of those that suffer from it. Spina bifida is birth defect that affects the brain and spine and the cause […]

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Fetal surgery on Spina bifida patient done in Houston

An ultrasound was able to detect that a woman’s child was suffering from Spina bifida before the birth of the child. After researching, the parents found that the best chance of their daughter living a  normal life was fetal surgery. The procedure was done at Houston’s Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital this past May. In July, […]

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Cal Poly engineers build house for teen with spina bifida

Engineer students from Cal Poly have recently completed a project that gave a family a new home. Each Spring, the students in an industrial and manufacturing class build a new home for a family who struggles with disabilities. This Spring, the class renovated a home for a family that has a 16-year-old teenager that suffers […]

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Depakote lawsuit filed over birth defects

The makers of Depakote, Abbott Laboratories, have been sued by the families of 40 children who suffered birth defects after their mother’s were prescribed Depakote during pregnancy. Birth defects that are alleged in the lawsuits are Spina bifida and other neural tube malformations. This lawsuit was filed in St. Clair Court earlier this month. The […]

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