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Toddler with Hypospadias gets help

A photo shared by an aid worker has gone viral, raising enough money to save a Nigerian boy’s life. The 2-year-old boy was abandoned by his parents after the community accused the child of being a witch. Witchcraft is often used as an explanation for birth defects in Nigeria. The $1 million raised has allowed […]

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Medical complications linked to craniostenosis

Medical studies have shown a link between the use of Depakote during pregnancy and infants born with craniostenosis. For individuals or families who may be dealing with this disorder, it is important to understand the medical complications that can be linked to craniosynostosis. The condition itself is characterized by joints in an infant skull closing too […]

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Understanding Apert Syndrome

Apert syndrome is a condition in which babies’ skulls form prematurely in the womb, causing the brain to develop irregularly and resulting in a number of medical issues. Babies who are born with this congenital defect often have unusual facial features caused by the skull placing unusual pressure on the features as they develop. Babies who […]

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Symptoms linked to ventricular septal defect

Children who have ventricular septal defect (VSD), a congenital defect of the heart, may experience potentially serious symptoms as their heart tends to work harder to transport blood containing oxygen from the lungs through different parts of the body. Heart and lung infections Irregular breathing or irregular heartbeat patterns Unusual paleness of the skin Weight […]

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New technology easily scans scoliosis patients’ spine

Some orthopedic experts in Texas are now utilizing an advanced technology to easily gain an accurate impression of the spines of their patients who have undergone scoliosis surgery, reported on September 24. Compared to the conventional x-ray procedures, the new scanner only need about 20 seconds for doctors to have “extremely clear” three-dimensional images […]

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NFL player’s wife expecting to give birth to baby with anencephaly

Professional football player Evan Rodriguez and his wife recently found out that their unborn baby is afflicted with anencephaly defect. The expecting couple found out about the often fatal congenital defect of their first baby after a diagnosis during Olivia’s 15th week of pregnancy. The couple then learned that the baby has a very low […]

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Child endured 20 surgeries to correct congenital defects

A boy who was born with spina bifida and clubfoot continues to thrive after undergoing 20 surgeries to treat the congenital defect, Fox News reported on July 13. Reports said 9-year-old Tyler Bois initially underwent six surgeries at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, starting when he was one day old. At the age of three, […]

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Treating craniostenosis by wearing a specialized helmet

Babies who are diagnosed with craniofacial defects like craniostenosis before 1 years old may wear cranial remolding helmets for their heads to achieve a natural look, according to the Johns Hopkins Medicine website. Cranial orthosis, often called “helmet molding therapy,” is a kind of therapy where babies with craniostenosis wear a specialized helmet for 23 […]

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Problems after craniostenosis surgery treatment

Undergoing surgical procedure to decrease head pressure and to possibly correct facial deformity is the goal of craniostenosis treatment. However, children undergoing such surgery procedures are at risk of suffering from the following problems after treatment. Headaches Vomiting Fatigue High fever of more than 101 F Alertness problems Complications in surgery areas Irritability The aforementioned problems […]

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Typical symptoms of children with cognitive impairment

Children who are born with impaired cognitive development may experience difficulty while growing up due to varying symptoms that affect brain function. Below are the following symptoms of cognitive impairment. Metabolism problems such as abdominal pains, breathing difficulties, and anxiety Infection symptoms, including headaches, fever, and weakened muscles Other symptoms like eye problems, seizures, mood swings […]

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