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Toddler with Hypospadias gets help

A photo shared by an aid worker has gone viral, raising enough money to save a Nigerian boy’s life. The 2-year-old boy was abandoned by his parents after the community accused the child of being a witch. Witchcraft is often used as an explanation for birth defects in Nigeria.

The $1 million raised has allowed the boy, named Hope by his rescuer, to receive a blood transfusion and stomach worm removal. The funds also allowed doctors to address another problem called hypospadias. Hypospadias is a birth defect where the opening of the urethra is formed in the wrong place in male fetuses. His caregivers expect him to undergo corrective surgery soon.

Fortunately, the donations for Hope are allowing him to make a full recovery from his malnutrition and birth defects. Many families of children suffering from hypospadias are not so lucky, often struggling with medical bills. If your child suffers from hypospadias or other birth defects due to the prescription drug Depakote prescribed during pregnancy, you may be eligible for much needed compensation. To find out more, contact a pharmaceutical lawyer at Williams Hart at 800-761-3187.

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Medical complications linked to craniostenosis

Medical studies have shown a link between the use of Depakote during pregnancy and infants born with craniostenosis. For individuals or families who may be dealing with this disorder, it is important to understand the medical complications that can be linked to craniosynostosis. The condition itself is characterized by joints in an infant skull closing too soon. As these bones develop prematurely, pressure can increase inside the skull and cause the following:

  • Brain damage
  • Total vision loss
  • Seizures
  • Breathing problems
  • Speaking difficulties
  • Abnormal shape of the head

Some cases of craniostenosis can be fatal, and treatments will vary according to the severity of the condition. Surgery may be required to reduce the amount of pressure as the brain develops in order to normalize growth, and additional procedures may be needed to restore the natural appearance of the facial structure.

If your family has been impacted by the dangerous prescription of Depakote during pregnancy, contact the legal team at Williams Hart by calling (800) 761-3187 to learn how we may be able to help.    

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Mother undergoes procedure to treat spina bifida of unborn baby

A pregnant mother in the United Kingdom underwent a high risk surgical procedure to treat her unborn daughter’s spina bifidaAccording to reports, Gina Lavis was nearly 20 weeks pregnant when she learned that her baby had spina bifida.

While aborting the baby is the choice of many women in this situation, Lavis decided to undergo a procedure in Belgium that, according to her doctor, was considered “high risk.” The team of surgeons reportedly treated the baby’s congenital defect by patching the hole in the unborn baby’s spine. The operation lasted three hours. Lavis’ daughter, Frankie, is now 14 months old and beginning to take her first steps. 

While Frankie’s story is a happy one, far too many babies in the U.S. are born with serious congenital defects like spina bifida. This terrible condition can be associated with the prescription of Depakote to pregnant mothers. If your family has suffered any injuries or debilitating conditions as a result of negligent pharmaceutical companies, the legal team at Williams Hart may be able to help you recover funds. Call (800) 761-3187 to learn more.

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What families should expect from a Depakote lawyer

Parents who have decided to file a Depakote claim upon learning that their baby was born with congenital defects will quickly come to learn that working with a skilled lawyer will be important for them to have a thorough understanding of the legal process. Below are some of the qualities parents should look for when enlisting a Depakote lawyer:

  • A lawyer that prepares plaintiffs ahead before appearing in courtrooms
  • A lawyer who offers legal advice and opinions throughout the case
  • A lawyer who clearly explains all the legal terms and answers all legal questions
  • A lawyer who is well-versed in explaining all exceptions and rules that apply to the situation

When you are filing for a Depakote claim, enlisting the right lawyer is crucial as you will be dealing with companies that may be somewhat intimidating for those unfamiliar with legal practices.

The Depakote lawyers at Williams Hart will aggressively fight on your behalf to seek justice for families who have suffered as a result of this drug. Call (800) 761-3187 to speak to our legal team today.

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Children born with congenital defects likely to experience abuse

Researchers at the University of Texas recently discovered evidence that children are at higher risk of experiencing abuse if they are born with congenital defects like spina bifida or cleft lip/palate.

The University of Texas Health Science Center revealed that children who are born with spina bifida are 58% more likely to face abuse than children without. Children who are born with cleft palates or lips also saw an increased likelihood of abuse by 40% when compared to children with out birth defects. Researchers also found that such abuse rates are particularly pertinent within the child’s first year of life.

Unfortunately spina bifida and cleft palates and lips are some of the common birth defects caused by mothers taking Depakote during pregnancy. If you think your child’s birth defect was caused by this dangerous anti-seizure drug, the legal team of Williams Hart may be able to help you take legal action. Learn more by calling (800) 761-3187 today.

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Obtaining medical records for your children

Parents who have decided to file a Depakote claim after suspecting that their loved ones’ congenital defects were caused by the anti-seizure drug should understand that there are existing laws surrounding the process of obtaining medical documents.

  • In cases involving court ordered treatments, doctors may refuse to release medical documents.
  • Parents or legal guardians should understand that they generally have the right to ask for their children’s medical documents.
  • Parents who conceal their purpose may not be given permission to obtain the medical documents they need from doctors.

While securing medical documents is an important part of strengthening your Depakote claim, parents should also understand that getting such documents can be difficult when there is an ongoing legal process.

If you are a parent who has decided to file a Depakote claim, enlisting a knowledgeable pharmaceutical legal team is essential to the success of your claim. To discuss your case with the lawyers of Williams Hart today, call (800) 761-3187.

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Proving a Depakote claim

Individuals who believe that they or their child’s congenital defects were caused by the anti-seizure drug Depakote and have decided to file a claim against the pharmaceutical company responsible for the medicine should be aware that the following points will need to be proven in order to establish a legitimate claim:

  • Depakote medication was a direct factor in the congenital defects
  • The warning label on Depakote prescriptions is insufficient
  • The congenital defects are severe enough to warrant the pursuit of legal action

Individuals who are considering a Depakote claim should understand that they may need to provide medical documents and other evidence to support their claim. Individuals should also know that they are going to face companies who are well-versed in handling Depakote claims, and that a skilled lawyer will be an invaluable asset in their case.

The lawyers of Williams Hart work for people who were wrongfully harmed by Depakote. Our lawyers will not be intimidated, and we can provide you with legal counsel and representation against major pharmaceutical companies. Learn more about our services or discuss your claim with an attorney today by calling (800) 761-3187.

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Serious Depakote side effects that may require immediate medical attention

Patients who are taking Depakote to treat epilepsy or bipolar disorder are advised to notify their physicians if they believe that they are suffering from the following serious symptoms linked to the anti-seizure drug.

  • Presence of blood in urine or unusual decrease in frequency of urination
  • Any bleeding symptoms, such as getting bruised easily
  • Skin problems like pain, discoloration, or rashes
  • Unusual weakness including body aches or dizziness
  • Any symptoms similar to flu
  • Eye problems
  • Mental problems, such as depression, or a desire to self-harm

While the above mentioned are some of the more serious side effects linked to Depakote, patients are still advised to seek medical attention if they are experiencing other health problems. Patients may also notify the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about the adverse side effects of Depakote.

Another common aftereffect of Depakote occurs in babies whose mothers were prescribed the drug during pregnancy. Often, these infants are born with serious birth defects that affect them for life. At Williams Hart, our pharmaceutical lawyers are prepared to help families who have been affected by this dangerous drug recover compensation for their suffering. Call us today at (800) 761-3187 to learn more.

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Understanding Apert Syndrome

Apert syndrome is a condition in which babies’ skulls form prematurely in the womb, causing the brain to develop irregularly and resulting in a number of medical issues. Babies who are born with this congenital defect often have unusual facial features caused by the skull placing unusual pressure on the features as they develop.

Babies who suffer from apert syndrome will often have an unusually high or prominent forehead. Other signs of the defect include sunken features in the middle of the face as well as eyes that are unusually big and set apart. While there is no treatment for apert syndrome, babies may undergo expensive surgical procedures which may be able to correct some of these facial defects.

Apert syndrome is one of several birth defects that has been linked to mothers taking a drug called Depakote while pregnant. Often, babies who are born with apert syndrome also suffer from other congenital defects that affect other areas of the body. These issues can require expensive medical and rehabilitative care that the attorneys at Williams Hart believe should be covered by negligent pharmaceutical companies. To discuss your situation with our legal team, call (800) 761-3187 today.

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Symptoms linked to ventricular septal defect

Children who have ventricular septal defect (VSD), a congenital defect of the heart, may experience potentially serious symptoms as their heart tends to work harder to transport blood containing oxygen from the lungs through different parts of the body.

  • Heart and lung infections
  • Irregular breathing or irregular heartbeat patterns
  • Unusual paleness of the skin
  • Weight problems

The problem is caused by the hole between the two chambers of the heart. VSD symptoms may vary depending on the size of the hole. Children or adults diagnosed with VSD may require surgery if the hole in their heart is big enough to cause fatal complications. Some VSD symptoms can be alleviated with medications.

Treating ventricular septal defect through surgery is often expensive. However, if this happens to you or to a loved one, a pharmaceutical lawyer may possibly help you get compensations if your congenital defect is caused by mothers’ ingestion of Depakote medicine during pregnancy. Speak with a Williams Hart lawyer today at 800-761-3187 to learn more about your options.

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